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Application Forms and Guidelines

12. What are the responsibilities of the successful applicants?

A successful applicant (the Grantee) must ensure that programme/project objectives and indicators are achieved, their obligations are fulfilled and that the grants are used according to the terms and conditions of the Grant Agreement.

The Grantee must also submit progress and final reports of the programmes/projects, each of which should include an activity report, an audited statement of accounts and an auditor's report and a comparison of actual expenditure with the budget at item level.

Failure to execute the responsibilities above may result in the deferral or termination of programme/project funding.

In addition, the ATF Secretariat may hold public forums from time to time to review progress of the ATF, and to allow Grantees to share their experience of implementing successful programmes/projects and encouraging best practices. Grantees may be required to attend and make presentation in these forums.